Apple Watch Series 3

As is fairly normal with Apple products the first iteration is generally best avoided by all but the earliest of adopters. Any technology company needs to get something out of the door and Apple chooses to over simplify when producing a new concept to ensure what they release is solid if not fully featured. Watch … –> continue reading


iPhone Ten, NOT X

Apple’s Keynote – September 2017 [The quick read] Tim Cook started off with remembering Steve Jobs and the vision he started when designing the new Apple campus. Tim then moved on to the hurricanes currently hitting the US and that Apple’s thoughts and efforts are with everyone affected. But then he jumped into the main event: Retail … –> continue reading


Siri thoughts – redux

In October 2011 Siri was unveiled to the world in beta form and Apple promised so much. Below in italic is my original review followed by my update. I have now lived with Siri for around three months and I still cannot get to grips with the technology, the best times to use it or … –> continue reading