Exploring photography

It’s funny that trying to find interesting photo blogs, tech sites, online portfolios or generally feed our obsession with photography passively when you can’t take pictures and you don’t want to sit an edit photographs is harder than I realised.

They say the answer to becoming a better photographer is to take a hell of a lot of photographs, get feedback and explore work by other photographers. If we can’t get our fix practically then how do we use the resources around us to read, listen and look for ways to hone our skills?

  • the library (real books!)
  • instagram (maybe)
  • photo blogs (possibly)
  • podcasts (yes, really)
  • real life


Joining a local library near work could get you 30 minutes a few times a week looking at amazing photos in the warmth. Also, who can afford more than a few photo books so access to a near unlimited selection at the library is amazing.

If you do have the money, take a look at the Charcoal bookclub. If you don’t, look at their shop for inspiration and go and borrow them from your local library!


There are still loads of amazing photographers on instagram (despite instagram being in a bit of a marketing/advertising spiral – probably thanks to facebook). The following are in no specific order:

  • @dave.krugman
    Dave plays with light in a way I have seen few other photographers manage so successfully. If he is not playing with light he is freezing frames to capture flames, rain and mist beautifully. You have to check this guy out.
  • @steavesweatpants
    Steven John Irby is a great New York street photographer.
  • @drawntostreets
    MIkk Olli plays with black and white contrasts.
  • @gboxcreative
    Superb work and best when playing with solid blocks of colour.
  • @jnsilva
    Portraits with a distinctive style.
  • @liamwon9
    Bladerunner in photos. So many good shots so long as you love his style.
  • @cocu_liu
    Heavily filtered and stylised but some beautifully composed shots. So many classic San Fran shots re-imagined.
  • @chrisconnolly
    Truly eclectic collection. A huge number of well composed shots.
  • @lindawisdomphotography
    Stunning photos and technically brilliant. A true street photo star. See Linda’s website for more shots and details.

Photo blogs / websites

These are hard to keep up with because the web is transient and blogs come and go.


A category that I had never really thought of for two reasons: I’m not the biggest fan of podcasts and I hadn’t really thought of the visual art of photography being well suited to the auditory medium of podcasting. Well I was wrong, in one instance anyway, thanks to a recommendation from a friend.

A small voice is a phenomenally good podcast where one famous, less famous or infamous photographer is interviewed by Ben Smith in each episode. So good.

Real life

Clubs, events and galleries are a bit time consuming and can be in sort supply depending on your location. I have never found a great single resource of all clubs so google/facebook is your friend. Well, I’m not sure about facebook but it still might help you find a local club. If you can’t get out then join an online photo forum. Having your photos critiqued can be hard but the feedback will be invaluable.

I’ll come back and add to this page as I find new and interesting places to look at photos. I can guarantee I have missed loads.