iPhone Ten, NOT X

Apple’s Keynote – September 2017 [The quick read]

Tim Cook started off with remembering Steve Jobs and the vision he started when designing the new Apple campus. Tim then moved on to the hurricanes currently hitting the US and that Apple’s thoughts and efforts are with everyone affected.

But then he jumped into the main event:


Angela Earhart introduced not shops but town centres. Plazas, the forum, the boardroom, the genius grove and the avenues.

Today at Apple is the new thing that Angela is pushing – photography, Swift workshops, teacher Tuesdays and music labs. All are sessions lead by creative pros at the store for groups of customers and of course the feedback has been great.

Watch Series 3

Tim is back on for Apple Watch which he opens with ‘…is designed for people to stay active’ and follows up with the fact it is now the best selling watch – in the world.

Future of the watch

Jeff Williams introduced Apple Watch…

  • Smart activity
  • Workout app
  • Gym kit (syncs with gym equipment)
  • Improving the heart rate app and feedback:
    • Raise wrist to see heart rate, resting heart rate, recovery rate after workout
    • Apple watch notifies you of elevated heart rate when you are not active
    • Heart rhythm – looking for irregular rhythm and Apple Heart Study
  • WatchOS4 – Available September 19th

Apple Watch (series 3)

  • Cellular built in; same phone number as your iPhone, calls, maps, chat
  • Music; can stream all 40 million songs from your wrist
  • New processor – 70% faster
  • Siri can now talk
  • Barometric altimeter – including ski/snowboard apps
  • Same size case as Series 2
  • Some new colours (ceramic grey included) and a new sport loop strap and new bands
  • Still ‘only’ swim-proof
  • Prices
    • From £249 Series 1,
    • From £329 Series 3,
    • From £399 Series 3 + Cellular
  • Cellular will only work with EE in the UK at launch. September 22nd.

Apple TV 4K

Tim is back selling Siri for search and TV interaction and introducing Eddy Cue.

  • HDR – High Dynamic Range and 4K demonstration
  • A10X chip – much faster!
  • 4K movies at the same price as HD movies in iTunes with free upgrades to previously bought movies.
  • Netflix and (eventually) Amazon 4K content
  • The TV channel will be coming to the UK by the end of the year
  • Live sports & news will be available from within the TV app
  • Ships 15th September

iPhone 8 & 8 Plus

Tim is introducing iPhone via a recap of all the revolutions it brought about. Camera, Siri, wallet, FaceTime, multi-touch and so on. No explanation of what happened to the iPhone 7S name.

Phill Schiller to introduce:

  • Glass back and front – most durable ever
  • Silver, space grey and rose gold
  • Water/dust resistance
  • 3D touch, home button and true tone (from the iPad Pro range) all there and gaining stereo speakers
  • Bluetooth 5
  • A11 Bionic chip
    • 6 core and up to 70% faster than the A10
    • Own Apple designed graphics processor
    • Better for photography
  • Camera is a new 12MP unit, image stabilised for iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 plus still has two cameras; f1.8 & f2.4 inc portrait mode
  • New mode – only iPhone 8 Plus – to mimic studio lighting effects. Not filters but realtime lighting effects than can be changed in post-processing.
  • Even better video and 240 fps slow motion
  • Augmented reality (AR)
  • New gyroscope and accelerometer
  • MLB ‘At Bat’ has realtime AR to show players on the pitch
  • Wireless charging
  • Shipping 22nd September
  • iOS11 from 19th September

iPhone X

Tim says there is ‘One more thing…’ and announces iPhone Ten. NOT X!

Phil Schiller again:

  • Super retina display, OLED, 3D touch and True Tone
  • No more home button. Touch screen to wake and swipe up from bottom to return to home screen.
  • Face recognition for unlock – called Face ID
  • True Depth camera system, infrared plus loads of other stuff
  • Works in the dark to check a mathematical model of your face against the version stored in the iPhone
  • Apple Pay makes you double tap the side button and then look at your phone.
  • Emojis become Animojis to animate an emoji head with your own expressions.
  • Face ID failed to work on stage first time! But it did the second and third times.
  • Cameras are like the iPhone 8 Plus but with image stabilisation on both cameras.
  • $999 – Shipping November 3rd
  • Compatibility with a new charging mat – AirPower – that can simultaneously charge many devices